SuperCreative - visual identity

One of the things I love the most about my job as a freelance photographer is that I have a big impact on who I choose to work with. I can set my own team of creatives or, as in this case, get invited to join creative processes of other companies.

Last year I started cooperating with Art Director Mette Grøngaard. Together we created the visual identity for SuperCreative, the company of the creative mastermind, Søren Chr. Andersen. I've never met anyone like him and it was a huge honour to work with him and get a sense of his take on creative processes. 

 Design by Mette Grøngaard

Design by Mette Grøngaard

With Mette Grøngaard and Søren from SuperCreative I got to be a part of the design process from the early beginning and it was exciting to see how their original ideas transformed into pictures, colour scales and design.

Creative process by Søren Chr. Andersen/SuperCreative
Art Design by Mette Grøngaard
Photography by Camilla Rønde